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By: Justin Smith September 12, 2018
Russell Brunsons’ DotCom Secrets Book Review

I am just going to get right to the point, DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson is a GAME CHANGER.

I started my first business when I was 13, with the help of my loving parents. It was a dial up internet service provider I called Verta.net. That was one of the first “real” websites I ever made. Before writing the HTML for that website, I remember writing down dozens of websites I wanted to try and emulate. If only Russell Brunson were twice my age, and had written his DotCom Secrets book back then.

I remember hiring a C developer to code a registration application which used one of our accounts to temporarily enable an internet connection while they setup their account. Of course, DSL was already in the major cities, and not even a year later it made its first appearance in my small rural town in Ohio. As a result, Verta.net was short lived.

I found it interesting that when Brunson was 12, he became fascinated with advertising copywriting. He started collecting piles of junk mail and analyzing the copy. He began to understand the psychology behind moving people to action. What they find attractive, what gets them excited, what makes them want to buy. He didn’t fully understand it then, but he was getting the equivalent of a doctorates in Direct Response Marketing.

DotCom Secrets book review

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As I pointed out in another book review on The Advertising Solution, no matter the medium or channel, be it print, banner ads, emails, websites, you name it, the principles are the same. Certain things have appeal, and naturally attract attention. While other things repel or confuse. Russell Brunson has got it down to a science.

I was watching a live stream of his the other day on Instagram and he said something I really liked. During that live stream, he said, “A confused mind always says no.” In DotCom Secrets, he talks about determining the “temperature” of your traffic so that you can utilize pre-framing to ensure each visitors’ experience is ideal. Make certain they’re not confused because if they are, they’re not going to buy.


A Confused Mind Always Says No - Russell Brunson

I was really excited to share this DotCom Secrets Book review. Out of the hundreds of business and marketing books I’ve read, there couldn’t be a better book to immediately improve sales conversions. DotCom Secrets is an absolute MUST read.

In DotCom Secrets, you’ll learn how to structure your value ladder and sales funnels. You’ll learn how to utilize Russells’ signature “Soap Opera Email Sequence” and daily “Seinfeld” emails. You’ll learn how to segment and engage your email list for each step of your value ladder.

If you have ever paid for ads on Google or Facebook, you’ve probably wasted thousands of dollars. I know I have! This was due to a lack of pre-framing, and neglecting to tailor the content to the specific visitors clicking my ads. As Dan Kennedy said, “Ultimately, the business that can spend the most to acquire a customer wins.” What if you have a $100 product and you’re spending $150 to get a sale? Well, you’re losing $50 per transaction. That’s just not sustainable.

Thankfully, the solution to this common problem is outlined concisely in DotCom Secrets. The first mistake most people make is sending all traffic to their default website/landing page. What happens when a visitor doesn’t understand why they need what you’re selling? What if they don’t even know what it is? This is one reason sending paid traffic to a free offer on a squeeze page is more effective. The objective is to build an email list, establish a relationship, and build trust with your list. Then, you can move them through a funnel, ascending your value ladder. Russell has found that by taking this approach, instead of sending people directly to a sales page has doubled, and in some cases even tripled his conversions. It literally can be the difference between losing money and making money.

In DotCom Secrets, you’ll learn about creating an “Attractive Character” that you can use to nurture your relationships and  build trust. You’ll learn an exact formula for how to write your emails and website/funnel copy. You’ll learn how to create a real sense of urgency. You’ll learn how to increase your average ticket volume with bump offers and OTOs.

One section I really enjoyed was on webinars. Brunson not only explains his ideal webinar funnel, but he actually gives you the script he uses to host his webinars. He breaks it down into three sections: Introduction, Content, and “The Stack.” then he guides you on how to structure your presentation and transition viewers from section to section effortlessly. Powerful stuff.

I want to talk a little more about The Stack. Brunson didn’t actually coin this term, nor did he come up with the strategy. But when he started applying it in his presentations, his sales nearly tripled. And it makes perfect sense why this happened. Russell learned The Stack from his mentor, Armand Morin. Morin said, “The only thing your prospect remembers when you sell is the last thing you showed him. The problem with this is when the person doesn’t think that the last thing you offered is worth the price, they simply won’t buy under those circumstances.” If you want to learn The Stack, you’ll have to grab a copy of DotCom Secrets book for yourself.

The last thing I personally took away from DotCom Secrets is how to effectively sell high-ticket items. I learned that you have to do it on the phone. You just can’t sell something that costs $25,000 on a landing page. It takes a different, more personal approach. Russell shares a two step (two person) script/process for effectively selling on the phone: Setting & Closing. Most interesting, it’s really about getting the prospects to sell themselves.

I shared this DotCom Secrets book review because it has the potential to make me (and you) millions of dollars, while providing value that enriches the lives of others. If applied, there is no way you won’t benefit from this knowledge. If you read one book with the goal of increasing your revenues or building a successful online business, my recommendation is DotCom secrets. Next up is my review on Expert Secrets. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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