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Justin Smith
By: Justin Smith June 4, 2018
Website Migration: SEO Considerations For Avoiding Traffic Loss

Establishing your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Positions) in the various search engines is no easy feat. It takes careful planning and superbly written content, and that’s not all. To rank in today’s competitive search engines, there’s well over 200 SEO factors that need to be adequately addressed. That said, if you’ve already managed to successfully […]

Justin Smith
By: Justin Smith June 1, 2018
Principles By Ray Dalio Book Review

When I noticed an advertisement for Principles by Ray Dalio I immediately went to Amazon to pre-order a copy. For those who don’t know, Dalio founded the largest and most successful hedge fund in the history of the world: Bridgewater Associates. He’s one of the most wealthy and influential people of our time, and not […]

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