Justin Smith
By: Justin Smith September 12, 2018
Russell Brunsons’ DotCom Secrets Book Review

DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson is the first of a two book series that discusses the concepts of value ladders and sales funnels. Create an impressionable attractive character (AC), and maximize sales potential on every page. You’ll also learn how to keep people engaged in your funnels using soap and Seinfeld email sequences.

Justin Smith
By: Justin Smith September 1, 2018
8 YouTube SEO Tricks For Increasing Views

Video is a very powerful sales and marketing tool. Added to website content, conversion rates can skyrocket. It can also serve as a fantastic traffic generator, assuming the video is found while performing a web search. No matter the purpose of the videos you’re uploading to YouTube, you probably wouldn’t be uploading them unless you […]

Justin Smith
By: Justin Smith June 10, 2018
How To Increase Traffic By Adding Google Rating Stars

Stars are just about everywhere on the internet these days. It’s standard to see them present on eCommerce websites, or product listing pages. But it’s also not entirely uncommon to see them for various services and even standard blog posts or content articles. The reality is that we’ve been conditioned to accept stars and ratings […]

Justin Smith
By: Justin Smith June 8, 2018
30 Link Building Secrets Of SEO Experts

The following list of 30 link building secrets have been collected from some of the biggest superstars in SEO, most notably, the authors of Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Guide To Link Building.  You Need To Know We highly recommend you consider this list before you decide to pay any third party back link “expert.” Serpify subscribes to […]

Justin Smith
By: Justin Smith June 4, 2018
Website Migration: SEO Considerations For Avoiding Traffic Loss

Establishing your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Positions) in the various search engines is no easy feat. It takes careful planning and superbly written content, and that’s not all. To rank in today’s competitive search engines, there’s well over 200 SEO factors that need to be adequately addressed. That said, if you’ve already managed to successfully […]

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