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By: Justin Smith September 1, 2018
8 YouTube SEO Tricks For Increasing Views

Video is a very powerful sales and marketing tool. Added to website content, conversion rates can skyrocket. It can also serve as a fantastic traffic generator, assuming the video is found while performing a web search.

No matter the purpose of the videos you’re uploading to YouTube, you probably wouldn’t be uploading them unless you intended on them getting watched.

However, to get it viewed. If you want to increase YouTube views, there’s more work that needs done. The good news is that it’s relatively simple by following a few SEO tricks.

If you’re looking to stand out from the hundreds of hours of video that’s uploaded to YouTube by the minute, these SEO tricks and YouTube video promotion strategies will certainly serve you well.

YouTube SEO Trick #1:


Just as you create website content around a specific search phrase, video is really no different. Make sure your keyword(s) or search phrase(s) are included in your video title, description, tags and even your file name.

Yes, you read that correctly! Before you upoad a new video, you’ll want to rename the video file to include your target keyword(s). Although the video file name isn’t seen by the general public once you configure your title, YouTube and Google can see it, and it definitely helps their video ranking algorithms determine the nature of your video.

YouTube SEO Trick #2:


While YouTube gives you the ability to add multiple tags, make sure to only use keywords that accurately describe the context of the video. A good rule of thumb is to focus each video around one primary keyword and a few secondary tags that are extremely relevant. The idea is that you don’t want to get in a habit of adding keywords or tags to a video listing just for the sake of trying to rank for it. If it isn’t precicely related to the nature of your video, don’t add it.

YouTube SEO Trick #3:


The title is the first thing your potential viewers will see. It’s also one of the top considerations by YouTubes ranking algorithm. The same can be said for Google. You must choose a title that perfectly describes the content of the video, includes your target search phrase / keyword and grabs attention. A confusing or unrelated title is the absolute worst thing you can do if you’re trying to increase YouTube views.

YouTube SEO Trick #4:


Increasing the word count of any page in a meaningful way is always a sure-fire way to improve your rankings and increase your traffic. The more you write is the more the search engines have to wiegh your content against. YouTube allows for up to 5,000 characters in their video descriptions. It’s important to utilize your target keyword(s) in the video description as frequently as possible, especially near the beginning and the ending of the content body.

YouTube SEO tricks - Increase and Improve content!

Make sure to write your video descriptions purposefully, not just trying to create filler for the purpose of SEO, rather, aiming to enlighten and inform your viewers about the content within the video itself. A powerful description benefits your video rankings, simultaneously increasing YouTube views. But the benefits extend way beyond simply increasing views, your description is also a great opportunity to capitvate your viewer and prime them to take action. You can even add links to your description, but do so sparingly as links can be annoying and video links are no-follow anyway.

YouTube SEO Trick #5:


It’s always a good idea to maximize the amount of text you have available about any topic. Closed captions present an excellent opportunity to add a text narrative of the spoken words within each video. That said, be sure to include your target keyword(s) or search phrase(s) in your actual video script, where it makes sense, of course. This way they’re added to the text-version of your captions as well. This is a great SEO trick that is often overlooked.

YouTube SEO Trick #6:


When producing a video, ask yourself what your viewers will expect to find in the video. What does the target keyword(s) imply they’re searching for? Make sure the video is concise and includes precicely the information people are looking for. Doing this will keep people watching your videos for longer durations, and this is an authority signal that your content is valued over the rest. Poorly planned video scripts will set you up for failure before you even click upload. Quality always wins over quantity. This stands true for any and all content.

YouTube SEO Trick #7:


Don’t be afraid to be assertive and ask your viewers to like, share or comment. When they do this, your video essentially is getting more “votes” telling YouTube and Google that your video needs to rank higher. If the content is good, this social activity will go a long way at increasing YouTube views.

YouTube SEO Trick #8:


This option isn’t available for everyone, but if you’ve got a good video that people will find intriguing, running a paid promotion is an excellent way to jumpstart increasing YouTube views, comments, shares and likes. Google allows you to target specific keywords (tags) so your video will only show on extremely relative videos, where users are very likely to find your content worth their while and useful.

In conclusion, proper planning always prevents poor performance. If you follow the 8 SEO tricks mentioned here, you will start increasing YouTube views immediately. Start with keyword research, creatively craft the perfect filename and titles, and write a killer description that is just as informative as the video itself.

Get some likes, shares, comments and subscribes from your own network or mailing list or by posting on your social media profiles. Or, if you have the resources, run a paid promotion through YouTube directly. Then, let the magic happen! If your goal is to increase YouTube views, it all starts with the SEO tricks mentioned here.

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