Justin Smith
By: Justin Smith June 8, 2018
30 Link Building Secrets Of SEO Experts

The following list of 30 link building secrets have been collected from some of the biggest superstars in SEO, most notably, the authors of Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Guide To Link Building.

 You Need To Know

We highly recommend you consider this list before you decide to pay any third party back link “expert.” Serpify subscribes to a white-hat, ethical, and sustainable backlink building strategy where “purchasing” links is totally unacceptable. We “encourage” Google (and the other leading Search Engines) to consider our content, but we have a strict code of ethics we follow in doing so. Our Backlink Igniter service largely consists of link prospecting, outreach, directory submission and optimization, guest blogging and responsible blog commenting. We do not engage in any practices that could produce a harmful or destructive result, and we encourage our users to do the same. Not because it’s “easier” but because it’s the ONLY method of link building that works for the long-term.



Black Hat Vs. White Hat Link Building


Sure, spammy or “Black Hat” backlink strategies may work for some time, but being built on a weak (unethical) foundation, they eventually always come crashing down. So, consider the following SEO link building secrets that are available to you from some of the biggest experts in the business before you decide to move forward with Backlink Igniter (or another ethical backlink service). In many cases, if you can do ALL of the following on your own, you may find that you don’t even need to invest in a third party service, depending on your competition strength.


30 Link Building Secrets of SEO Experts:


1) POST QUALITY CONTENT AS FREQUENTLY AS POSSIBLE – Post exceptionally written content, especially how-to guides, tutorials, book reviews, tips & tricks, and any relevant industry news on a regular basis. Encourage your existing users to get involved in the discussion by commenting and contributing in any way possible.


2) REVIEWS – Find publishers & customers to review your business, product or service. All review types are great: video, blog posts, review sites, affiliate sales copy, forums, anywhere and everywhere! Some great sources to pay for product/service reviews are SponsoredReviews.com, ReviewMe.com, and PayPerPost.com. If you’ve got a budget, you should definitely consider these options. It will generate meaningful backlinks, traffic and trust, which plays a large role in driving purchasing decisions.


3) NICHE SPECIFIC DIRECTORIES – For the SEO “niche” a directory you cannot afford to miss out on is TopSEOs. Every industry has dozens, if not hundreds of relative, industry-specific directories. Secure listings in each of these. Avoid submitting your site to ALL DIRECTORIES. This is spammy. Just focus on the directories that relate to your business the most. Some will charge for a listing, or a “featured listing.” When you can afford this – go for it! Especially if the site gets a lot of traffic and has a lot of quality links pointing to it.


4) HUMAN EDITED DIRECTORIES – Get listed in DMOZ  and any and all human edited directories. You absolutely MUST get listed in these as they are a authority signal for Google and the other major search engines.


5) FORUMS – Identify, register & actively participate in the conversation at any and all industry specific forums. For the SEO industry, these include SEOBook, Inbound.org, DigitalPoint, Warrior, BlackHatWorld, BestBlackHatForum, and countless others. Try to become a “regular” without directly promoting yourself or trying to sell anything. Appear to have little self-interest and be entirely concerned with helping others. If you can submit a “sales thread,” be sure to do so in the appropriate category. You may also be able to pay prominent members with large post counts on various forums to add your links or banners to their signatures. This can prove worth-while.


6) GUEST POSTING – Identify a list of credible industry-specific blogs that accept writers by searching Google for “MDKW intitle:write for us” (MDKW= Market Defining Keyword), so for SEO, you’d just search “SEO intitle: write for us” and you can quickly identify a list of SEO blogs that are looking for writers. This is a great way to build a presence for your brand and earn a ton of valuable backlinks along the way.


7) MEDIA CREATION – It’s no secret: most people don’t have time to read long articles. They can find the time if it’s VERY important to the mission they’re currently on. But if it’s not, you’ve got to give them something that’s “sharable.” Sharable content can be infographics, widgets, pictures/photos, videos, whitepapers/PDFs, etc. Anything that is relevant to the user that’s easy to share can and will attract attention.


8) SOCIAL MEDIA PARTICIPATION – Contribute, share, help, answer questions, but don’t mindlessly self-promote. Share, like, comment, re-tweet, tag, check-in, add photos & videos of interest, etc. Do not directly “sell” – just be human! Be very active and helpful! Join relevant groups. Follow and re-tweet industry professionals, even competitors. Don’t be shy! Social media is a HUGE networking tool you cannot afford to miss out on.


9) COMMENTING – Don’t spam, but it’s a great idea to comment on a handful of industry specific blog posts or news articles every day. Even 5 or 10 comments a day can result in tons of traffic, free exposure and plenty of meaningful backlinks that improve SERP. It’s important to only contribute to relevant resources that offer do-follow links, and preferably blogs that have the CommentLuv plugin installed. Make sure your headshot (Gravatar) photo is present, and all links are valid and present. If you link to your site directly in a post, make sure you link to a specific resource that is relevant and necessary to the topic/conversation. Otherwise, your comment will probably not get approved. There are tools for identifying blog lists for your industry/niche – use them!


10) EXPERT INTERVIEWS – Find experts to interview on your site/blog. Do group interviews when possible. This is great publicity and it attracts a lot of social citations and backlinks. Likewise, make yourself available to do expert interviews for other journalists, reporters and bloggers.


11) LINKS PAGES – Find quality link lists on important and relevant sites, especially educational and government resources. If you have educational content (how-to guides/tutorials, infographics, etc), there are many universities that will be willing to give you a shout-out (backlink).


12) WIKIPEDIA – It’s not impossible to find a writer who is capable of getting you listed on Wikipedia. If possible, get your company listed along with separate pages for any notable executives and employees. List as much relevant information as possible. Link back where possible. These links are invaluable.


13) GIVEAWAYS/CONTESTS – Host your own giveaway/contest offering your products or services, or even more creative: scholarships, as prizes. Require participants share on social media or invite friends to join the contest, or find a way to incentivize this activity. This will create tons of chatter resulting in backlinks, traffic and certainly sales. Likewise, offer your products and/or services to other companies hosting contests, allowing them to give them away. This gets you free exposure and backlinks that can be hugely beneficial!


14) PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS – If available in your industry, join any and all important professional organizations. In the SEO industry we’ve got Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO), International Association of Webmasters, and others. These can result in great networking opportunities and plenty of powerful backlinks.


15) TOPICAL BLOGS / BLOGGERS – Outreach and engage with bloggers from your industry. Befriend them on LinkedIn, Twitter and FB. Don’t be afraid to re-post their content and show them some love. They’ll certainly reciprocate.


16) Q&A SITES – Answer questions related to your industry on sites like Yahoo! Answers. If you link back to your site(s), make sure to cite specific pages with information that’s useful and relevant to the nature of your answer. Otherwise, it won’t get approved. You can also make sure your username on these sites are your business/brand name. This is great exposure and helps establish you as a go-to resource in your industry.


17) COUPON SITES – Submit your coupons to coupon sites such as RetailMeNot. Make sure your company profile pages are optimized with URL, Logo, Descriptions, etc. This is great exposure, and many offer do-follow backlinks that benefit your SEO. LivingSocial and Groupon are also great resources for promotion and quality backlinks. If you offer any coupons – definitely get them syndicated through any possible sites.


18) NEWSLETTER – A great way to engage your audience and keep them informed about your latest and greatest content is to mention it in your daily, weekly or monthly newsletters. Don’t be afraid to ask your users to check out your blog and specific content that could be useful to them. This is a great way to get your readership jumpstarted along with social citations and backlinks.


19) CONFERENCES & EXPOS – It’s a great idea to attend and contribute industry related conferences. In the SEO industry we have Search Engine Strategies Conference (SES), Search Marketing Expo (SMX), Internet World, High Rankings Seminar, and many more. These are excellent networking events, great opportunities to blog LIVE (which is a huge traffic and link generator), and overall should not be skipped if you can help it.


20) CREATE TOP LISTS – A great way to get citations and backlinks quickly is to curate lists of the top people, websites/resources/blogs, books, software/tools, etc. For example: “The Top 50 SEO Bloggers For 2018.” Anytime you mention other people, give them a do-follow link, when they take notice of this link, they’ll love it! This is a great way to get tons of free exposure, social citations and backlinks from other peers in your industry.


21) CREATE FREE EMBEDDABLE TOOL/WIDGET – YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Statcounter, Etsy, AddThis and SlideShare all have one thing in common. They’re all among the most linked-to websites on the internet. Find something people will have an incentive to share and utilize, then make a free embeddable widget. This is a powerful backlink generator. It’s not always possible, but if you can use your creativity to create something useful, people will eat it up!


22) AUTHOR HIGHLIGHTING – Make sure your author photo(s) and names are in search engine listings for your blog posts. Link your headshot image to your Google+ page. You can do this easily by adding a header tag to your HTML, or even more easily if you’re using WordPress by installing Joast’s WordPress SEO Plugin.


23) SNIPPET OPTIMIZATION – Always make sure your primary keywords are in your title, description, URL and content body. Joast’s plugin helps with this too.


24) POST JOBS & INTERNSHIPS – Listing your careers, available jobs and opportunities at your company is a great way to get educational links of merit. Eventually you can even aim to give out scholarships of $500-$1k+ and reach out to multiple schools, who will all most likely be more than willing to link-back. This is backlink GOLD if you have the resources to pull it off. You can even take it a step further and setup your scholarship opportunity as a contest, which further encourages social activity and more backlinks.


25) GET LISTED WITH THE BBB – The average cost for a local BBB listing is between $375 and $900. They come with highly authoritative do-follow links that Google absolutely loves. You can not afford to avoid the BBB.


26) CHAMBER OF COMMERCE – Another great local link to get is from your local chamber of commerce. They’re usually more than happy to link to local businesses.


27) LOCAL LISTINGS – Submitting your site to all local listings is very beneficial. Serpifys’ Local SEO tool will help with this, once it goes live.


28) LIBRARY – Most local libraries have a website and many have link profiles. If you can get linked from libraries you’ll definitely benefit.


29) TRACKBACK LINKS – Reward people who link to you by offering do-follow trackback links. They’ll appreciate it!


30) (HARO) Help A Reporter Out – Become a source for journalists and reporters and get tons of free quality press mentions and exposure. This can result in plenty of powerful backlinks and citations for your brand!


We’re confident you’ll see great results by following the above link building secrets of white-hat SEO experts. These “secrets” will serve as a very solid foundation for a tremendously successful link building strategy.


Sources: SEOBook.com, The Ultimate Guide To Link Building (Buy on Amazon)

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Helen Woods
Helen Woods

Great suggestions. I have spent a lot of money and time in the past and never could quite achieve the results I was after. The truth is that many black hat strategies work, but they either don’t work good enough or they eventually get you into trouble. A lot of people refer to this as “Churn and Burn.” Some people just need a campaign to rank FAST, not necessarily for LONG. And I’ve found black hat strategies to be popular among this crowd. Over the years, and learning from my mistakes, I’ve come to truly appreciate the white-hat approach. I… Read more »


You’re very welcome! I’d have to agree with you wholeheartedly. Black hat strategies are indeed a waste of time and money. When it comes to link building we believe in keeping it natural. It’s the only way you can guarantee long term success in the organic results. Thanks for your comment, we’re glad to have you around!

Leading Link Directory

You shared very good and deep knowledge about link building strategies. I will use for my website’s link building process. I think quality content is very important for a website’s growth. Because content will engage visitors and invite more visitors to visit your website.

Martin Burns
Martin Burns

Thanks for sharing! This is some good stuff.

Sadie Jessops
Sadie Jessops

I read Eric Ward’s book back in 2014. It was filled with useful tips on link building. You’ve definitely put your own spin on some of it, but I’d have to agree with mostly everything you’ve had to say. Some very good ideas.


Hello Justin,

You got some great suggestions there, one can get great diverse backlinks practicing these techniques. It’s true that anyone can build links without having to pay someone else to do it. There’re plenty of useful articles on this topic, even we wrote one on the easy link building techniques. Take your time to read as many articles as you can, and you will certainly start seeing good results.

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